How are you celebrating love this Valentine's Day?

And us? We are doing art, oysters and bubbles.

This Valentine's Day, join us and indulge your senses with aesthetiс and gastronomic pleasure while gaining practical skills, and take with you a beautiful artwork made by yourself. And if you're a novice at drawing and painting, our professional artist will guide you through the steps.

14 February 2022
17.00 to 20.00
17 Bree street,
The Royal Oyster Bar
What is love?

Like lighthouses that symbolise strength, safety & reliability, loving and being loved is the same. We become like a lighthouse to special people in our lives - a light in the darkness & guidance through dangerous waters, to help each other reach their destination.

In light of this, we invite you for a creative dinner on 14 February - themed "Lighthouse" - during which you will explore your definition of love, and paint a complete picture under guidance of our expert host. All this while you sip on South African MCC and taste Cape Town's freshest oysters, all wrapped up in pleasant company.

What can you expect to gain?
Paintings will be done with professional acrylic paints on art canvases. The cost of the master class includes a canvas, paints, master's work, aprons, brushes and other consumables, as well as sparkling wine and oysters.
3 hours of creative relaxation
Spend an evening celebrating love, and learn techniques to creatively express yourself on canvas.
Wine tasting
Sip on and note (or paint) how the bubbly dances around your palate and makes its way into your senses.
Oyster set
Imagine yourself at a lighthouse and smell the see breeze as you explore a variety of South African oysters.
Your new and unique interior painting to take home
Now that you have created a unique artwork inspired by love, you can take your painting home and cherish the beautiful memories.
New, life-long drawing and
painting skills
After all is said and done, you will acquire painting techniques to last you a lifetime!
An atmosphere and company that will inspire new ideas and goals
Get encouraged as you spend the evening with inspired and inspirational people, celebrating love.
To participate, you only need the desire to try something new and a lust for life!
Always say yes!
Аnna-Maria Kazakova
Painting, drawing and sketching teacher
Hey! I am Anna Maria.

Since childhood I have been painting using mixed media including watercolours, acrylics & graphics. But this is not my greatest skill...

My true talent is that I can gently and easily, but with great passion, immerse people in the world of drawing.

I was the head of Urbansketchers in St. Petersburg - a global community of artists that practice drawing on location in cities, towns and villages they live in or travel to. During this time I attended international creative meetings, and hosted many workshops and art festivals for beginners and long-time art enthusiasts across Russia, Dubai, Istanbul, Barcelona, Lisbon and others.
Thanks to this experience, I really know how to teach the joy of drawing, and will gladly be your guide to the world of art.

Join us! It's loads of fun all in the name of love.

Don't know what to give your loved ones? A practical painting workshop is a universal gift that will suit all creative people. To order a voucher, simply write "gift voucher" in your reservation notes.
If you still have any questions, you can ask by mail or by phone / WA +27 71 490 2834
I have never drawn a picture, will I succeed?
Yes, the master class program is designed for beginners. The teacher will help you and advise if something does not work out.
What is included in the cost of the lesson?
The cost of the master class includes canvas, paints, master's work, aprons, brushes and other consumables, as well as a wine and oyster tasting.
How long does the lesson last? Will we have time to finish the picture?
The art brunch lasts 3 hours. This is usually enough to paint a real picture and enjoy wine and oysters.
What age group is the master class for?
From 18 years to infinity!
Who is the teacher?
The master class will be hosted and taught by renowned Russian artist, Anna-Maria.
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Jason
Photo by Marion
Photo by Mike
To reserve your seat and workshop goodies, you can fill out the form above, or contact us by phone or email.
+27 71 490 2834
17 Bree street, Cape Town
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